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All about the Herb Seeds


If you like herbs, you may grow a lot of them. Several herbs are simple to grow from seeds, permitting gardeners to include them in a kitchen garden, a patio pot, or a window.

Various herbs are permanent, whereas others are only found once a year. Several times, it is determined by the different climates or the location of the plants. Many periodic herbs reseed themselves annually, giving them the appearance of an annual.

Types of Herb Seeds

While certain herbs cannot be grown from seed, many others can. The following is a list of flowering herbs seeds, as well as some seeding tips.

Caraway Seeds

This herb seed is not only utilized to develop the plant but it is also used in cooking. The seeds of this biennial plant can be sown in late fall or early spring. Harvest them when the blossoms have turned brown.


Catnip tea is delicious however if you don’t have a cat. If your area has a lot of cats, put this herb seed somewhere else, such as a patio, deck, or indoor herb garden, aside from their stomping grounds. Because catnip is annual, the seeds could be planted in the fall or spring season in a sunny or partly shady location.


To germinate, the seed of this sour herb requires light. Plant its seeds in the fall or spring season, but not quite so deeply.


Chive seeds should be planted in a sunny location in the early spring.


Plant coriander seeds in a sunny spot where you want them to grow once the threat of cold has passed.


After the last frost, sow these seeds in a sunny location.


A further herb seed that is delicious in cooking. After all threat of frost has passed, plant fennel seeds.


Because lavender seeds are exceedingly finicky, they must be started inside. Because of the low germination rate per seed, it is advisable to plant a large number of seeds. After all the threat of frost has passed, transplant seedlings outside.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm, a wonderful herb for teas or for its delightful garden scent, will often reseed itself each year. Grow seeds indoors 10 to 12 weeks ahead of time, or outside after all frost danger has gone. Because these seeds require sunshine to sprout, cover them only lightly with dirt.


Marjoram is just a species that can grow as an annual or perennial, based on your climate. It is ideal to start seeds inside 8 to 10 weeks before transplanting to a sunny location.

Where to Purchase

Herb seeds are incredibly easy to find. They are available at most plant gardens, seed catalogs, and several food outlets. Contact the Herb Society of America if you have a specific variety in mind or wish to participate in a seed exchange.

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